Information about our Kita

Operating Hours
Kita is open from 7.30 thru 17.00 hours. Children should be brought at 9.00 hours at
the latest. In this way the children have sufficient time and rest to establish contacts
to others, to enjoy breakfast and playing and to participate in the various subjects
Please inform us in case your child cannot be brought in time for some urgent
Children can only be collected by persons with written authorization. Children
commuting to and from Kita must always be accompanied. (See declaration)

Declaration of Commitment
With your signature you are accepting this declaration (on first day of attendance)
and you are committed to personal pick-up of your child from Kita, or to arrange for
same by other persons that are authorized and who have to be stated in the

Notice of Absence
In case your child cannot attend Kita for some reason (sickness, holidays etc.) you
must give a notice of absence. Five days without notice can result in cancellation of

For beginners there is a period of adjustment. During the first days children should
not attend Kita full time. By experience we know that children have to get used to the
daily visit to kindergarten. (Details to be discussed)

Open Playtime
For the child this means free choice of relations with other children or adults, free
choice of material, subjects and timing.
During the phase of open playtime children are inspired to develop own initiative and
can train themselves for independence. They have the possibility to digest and to
deepen impressions and experience. They learn to accept rules and to solve

Christian Education
is an important part of our work. In this way we try to achieve two major goals.
1.It is our wish that children feel to be accepted as they are; and know about.
2.In our communication with the children we like to pass on the values of the
bible, such as honesty, constructive solution of conflicts, consideration and respect
of each other.
Tales from the bible, stories and songs will support these efforts.

The Holy Bible
It is our devotion to make the children familiar with God and Jesus Christ. Especially
on occasion of Christian festivals we try to bring to the children, tales from the Holy
Bible, according to their age, with emphasis on encounters of Jesus with the people.
We like to point out that God is giving to men his allembracing love, and how he
takes care of their needs. This is our approach for the children. We like to explain to
them why we celebrate Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.